Adult cats

Our adult Maine Coon breeders

To ensure the reproduction and the breeding of our litters, our Maine Coon cattery owns 2 breeding males and 4 females.

Our cats originate from high standard breeds and hold verified pedigrees.

They live in an quiet environment that was designed with their comfort and wellness in mind.

Every year we mate them in order to breed new litters.

The health of our breeders is our priority

In accordance with professional practice and following the recommandations of the LOOF (Official Registry of Cat Origins) our Maine Cool breeders undergo the following tests :

  • FIV – FeIV
  • HCM & PKD by echography
  • DNA tests are also run
They all belong to blood group A.
They are under the close and frequent supervision of a vet and we watch closely after their good health.